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LUCENT Surgical Solutions on Security and Patient Privacy

Jun 18, 2019 | Administrators, Data Reporting Top 3, Homepage Top 3, Insurance Top 3, Patient, Providers

As our healthcare environment evolves, the collection, storage and interpretation of patient data is becoming increasingly more important in our ongoing efforts to improve the patient experience and to improve outcomes. LUCENT Surgical Solutions offers several programs where (PHI) Protected Health Information is collected and requires a commitment to protecting that data.

LUCENT Surgical Solutions utilizes only dedicated HIPPA compliant servers to maintain protected electronic patient health information and a redundant locked facility for the storage of physical patient data. LUCENT Surgical Solutions’s Joint Commission accreditation and associated audits assure that patient data is being stored following today’s most robust protocols.

In our efforts to maintain the most secure environment for patient data storage, LUCENT Surgical Solutions routinely contracts cybersecurity firms to intentionally probe our systems for vulnerabilities. This is essential as the attackers are utilizing ever increasingly sophisticated software to gain access. Geo-blocking and certifications are routinely updated.

LUCENT Surgical Solutions maintains cyber insurance. It is estimated that every IP address is probed at least every 20 seconds by bad people trying to farm protected data. Should an event take place, rest assured that LUCENT Surgical Solutions maintains strong measures to protect patients’ rights, engage in government notifications, and commit to aggressive cyber forensics to avoid future incursions.

LUCENT Surgical Solutions’ mobile applications set the benchmark for standardization across your departments and across your entire health system. And our dedicated IT monitoring and support assure that our applications will perform hour after hour.

LUCENT Surgical Solutions utilizes AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) – 256 bit SSL (secure socket layer)/TLS (Transport Layer Security) symmetric block ciphers to encrypt all sensitive data. This level of encryption is highly secure and is in theory virtually impossible to access as the combinations of keys is so massive.

All LUCENT Surgical Solutions data storage centers, website’s, and mobile applications are regularly audited in accordance with SAS (Statement on Auditing Standards) No. 70, also known as SAS-70, and represents that LUCENT Surgical Solutions undergoes in-depth examinations of their control objectives and control activities, which include controls over information technology and related processes.

Additional security measures, such as geo-blocking and fingerprint-only access points, are also integrated into our platforms.

All physical protected health information is stored in protected facilities with redundant locked entrances and not located adjacent to outside walls.

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