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Wound Care

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 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy has evolved to be considered one of the premier treatment methods when treating chronic, acute, traumatic, sub-acute, and dehisced wounds, partial-thickness burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, flaps, and grafts. This therapy utilizes a closed vacuum system that aids in the removal of excess exudates, infectious material, and tissue debris while increasing blood flow to the affected areas.


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Benefits

The efficacy of NPWT in promoting wound healing is highly documented and leads to better patient care and outcomes, including:

Faster Wound Healing & New Tissue Growth


Reduced Pain, Risk of Infection & Scarring

Improved Patient Care Options & Positive Outcomes

NPWT Procedure Details

This therapy involves a special dressing (bandage), tubing, a negative pressure device, and a canister to collect fluids:

  • A foam dressing is custom-shaped to the wound size, applied to the wound and sealed with a film.
  • A tube is attached to the film and attached to a vacuum pump and canister where fluids are collected.
  • The vacuum pump is set to either ongoing or intermittent pressure.
  • Fluid from the wound is removed and collected and the negative pressure helps full the edges of the wound together.