Surgical Services



LUCENT Surgical Solutions is perpetually seeking innovative technologies to treat chronic pain. Our current premier offering in this arena is StabiLink® MIS Interlaminar Spinal Fixation System, by Southern Spine. Benefits include:


  • Placed between the spinous processes, away from the neural elements including the spinal cord and spinal nerves
  • Implant insertion and compression is safely achieved without the need for multiple instruments, reducing overall procedure time
  • The anterior “tray” design creates an ideal containment area for the maximum amount of bone graft material
  • Small diameter wide-spike design for increased load sharing capacity under both static and fatigue testing
  • Limits motion in all three planes- lateral bending, axial rotation, and flexion/extension
  • Wide range of implant designs and sizes for optimum anatomical fit
  • Low profile retains access to facet joints and other anatomy
  • Torque controlled locking mechanism results in secure fixation