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LUCENT Surgical Solutions Receives Joint Commission Accreditation

Jun 17, 2019 | Admin Top 3, Administrators, Homepage Top 3, Insurance Top 3, Patient, Providers

LUCENT Surgical Solutions is proud to announce our accreditation through The Joint Commission as a home healthcare agency. The Joint Commission is the same organization that most hospitals utilize for their own accreditations. As a result, facilities interested in adopting the LUCENT Surgical Solutions services may be assured that they are not engaging with a company that might jeopardize their own accreditation. This accreditation also means that LUCENT Surgical Solutions performs to the highest standards in HIPPA compliance, safety and quality standards, and reporting and verification methodologies.

As LUCENT Surgical Solutions is Joint Commission accredited as a home healthcare agency, we confidently support our ambulatory devices through their entire cycle, while aiding a patient’s recovery at their surgical facility, rehab center, alternate site, and/or at home. For more information on this topic, please contact us.