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LUCENT Surgical Solutions Announces New 24/7 Patient Support Line

Jun 16, 2019 | Administrators, Homepage Top 3, Patient, Providers

To address the concerns and issues of patients receiving ambulatory pumps, LUCENT Surgical Solutions offers an around-the-clock support number, (877) 620-6060, which is answered by the same field representatives that provide our live-at-home and in-facility training. As patients no longer need to rely on a manufacturer’s support line, often supported by interns, personnel that are intimately familiar with the features and operation of each device, support the patient’s needs.

As a result, hospital clinicians’ involvement in routine product questions is minimized and their hectic schedules are not interrupted, better utilizing their time and eliminating unneeded distractions, while satisfaction rates amongst our patients are maximized as their concerns and questions are addressed in real-time. All LUCENT Surgical Solutions representatives are accredited through several agencies, including our 32-module training regimen that includes topics such as fraud, harassment, discrimination, ethics, HIPPA, emergencies, competencies, Joint Commission standards, addiction, aseptic technique, fire and electrical safety, bloodborne pathogens, codes of conduct, on-call procedures, processing procedures, data collection procedures, etc. For more information on this topic, please contact us.