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LUCENT Surgical Solutions Launches Dedicated Inventory Program

Jun 7, 2019 | Admin Top 3, Administrators, Patient, Provider Top 3, Providers

Dedicated inventories may be available in your area. Although third-party provided Infusion equipment has been available to healthcare facilities for decades, offering this option to surgical patients may be a worrisome endeavor, especially for facilities with very high surgical volumes. The LUCENT Surgical Solutions dedicated inventory program can offer some comfort that devices are not experiencing extreme wear and tear due to being shipped via USPS or UPS for very long distances where abused and often damaged devices may become common.

It is common sense that the longer the distance a device travels, the more steps that require human interaction and equipment contact are needed to move that device has an increased the probability for damage that may include internal damage that may not be immediately evident in the inspection process. Dedicating devices to your facility is one means by which to minimize these transport risks and help avoid the interruptions damaged devices may present.

In the LUCENT Surgical Solutions dedicated inventory program, the devices utilized at your facility cycle back only to your facility. Assuring that the devices are not traveling long distances and affecting their accuracy or risking hidden damage. A device that traveled 3500 miles yesterday is not being applied to your patients today. Devices are clearly marked for these programs. For more information on this topic, please contact us.